Contracting Data Comparison is a directory of open contracting datasets, enabling comparison and assessment.

It is being built & used by the Open Contracting Data Standards project.

29 publishers, 38 datasets, 228 links to data.

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We are analyzing the data on this site, to help inform the development of the Open Contracting Data Standard.


To analyze existing contracting data, we are producing datamaps where we are trying to categorize all contracting fields into concepts that are common across all datasets. Below is a map of all the datasets that we have currently analyzed. The size of the dots has been normalized so that datasets are comparable (e.g. if you look at the European OpenTED dataset it has 9x the number of fields compared to UNOPS). The concepts (horizontal-axis) have been sorted so that we see the most the frequently used concepts are shown towards the left, and least frequently to the right.