US - San Mateo County Open Checkbook (United States)
SMC Open Checkbook - Checkbook Live Data
The dataset contains contract information on 54 agencies, 1151 vendors, 239 expenditure types in San Mateo County. The information can be searched by agency, vendor or expenditure type (category). Interactive pie charts and bar graphs are also available. The dataset includes checks made to payees totaling $5,000 or more as well as summarized payroll expenditures. (For detailed payroll costs, visit Government Compensation in California.)

The dataset is different from others we have analyzed, because it refers to checks as contracts, parallel to CheckbookNYC data. However, the dataset information available here is on county level, not city level. It includes buyer and goods, which are still tender information but do not need to have a tender process release even though this is checkbook / spending information.

The dataset is under a public domain license.
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June 15, 2014, 5:35 p.m.
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  • CSV - The datamap applies to the Checkbook data published by San Mateo County. Even though the information is checkbook / spending data, we were still able to pull out some relevant contracting fields.

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