The primary goal of Open Data Philippines ( is to foster a citizenry empowered to make informed decisions, and to promote efficiency and transparency in government.

Open Data Philippines aims to make national government data searchable, accessible, and useful, with the help of the different agencies of government, and with the participation of the public. This website consolidates the datasets of different government agencies, allowing users to find specific information from a rich and continuously growing collection of public datasets.

Open Data Philippines provides information on how to access these datasets and tools, such as infographics and other applications, to make the information easy to understand. Users may not only view the datasets, but also share and download them as spreadsheets and other formats, for their own use. It encourages the public to request for the data they want, send in comments, suggestions, and even stories of how they use open data. Likewise, it also encourages the public to participate by submitting applications and visualizations based on the public data. This engagement of ideas between the public and the government will help develop the platform even further, for the benefit of everyone involved.
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