Mer-link is a technology platform for public procurement, which will enable the State procurement to make the buying and selling of products and services electronically. It will function as an e-commerce portal that serves as a single window, accessible through the Internet.

Model selection shopping for Costa Rican state was made after an analysis of best practices in countries like Chile, Panama, Korea, Mexico and Brazil. This study culminated in the adoption model of public procurement in South Korea, being the world leader in electronic procurement, through its management system called KONEPS (Korea On Line e- Procurement System). The Korean system is defined as the world's largest "Marketplace " electronic .

This model was taken as the best practice worldwide. It has been the basis for the development of models of purchases in several countries and has received awards from international bodies such as the UN, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and the Asia Pacific Council , as a best practice in procurement public .
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